James Borner, Technical Program Manager at PFC Brakes

James Borner, Technical Program Manager has worked at PFC Brakes since July of 2014, coming up on 9 years.

James graduated from the University of Kansas and was highly involved with the Formula SAE race car program. The Formula SAE program is a student engineering project, primarily for senior-level mechanical engineering students. As a student, you design and manufacture a small open-wheel race car and compete against other student organizations from around the world. He got started with the program in his first year as a volunteer, he wanted to learn about race car engineering. The following year he was given the opportunity to be the lead design engineer for the complete brake system for the car and did this for all 4 remaining years while I was attending the University of Kansas. 

Working at PFC has been an extension of the experience he gained in the Formula SAE program. He has been able to work on the designs for the Porsche Motorsports and IndyCar Programs. James said, “the ideas that are generated in my head are translated into real products for some of the highest levels of racing in the world is spectacular to see.” Although James has a passion for his job, when he is not working James enjoys rescuing cars, cycling, house remodeling, and finding good coffee. 

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Women Owned and manufactured in South Carolina; PFC Brakes is the #1 choice for motorsports, fleets, auto manufacturers and first responders.  PFC delivers the best brakes on the market guaranteed to outlast and outperform the competition.  PFC Brakes are bred to win from the track to the jobsite!


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