Our Story


When it boils down to it, the products we use are a reflection of who we are. You can tell a lot about a person from the products they use. Their character. Their values. Their objectives.

At PFC Brakes we have used our mission to build a culture. We have built our company based on a defiant philosophy: NO COMPROMISES™ It’s a mindset, an attitude, a commitment.

Set Standards. Outperform. Outlast. Surpass. Pursue Challenges. Exceed Expectations. Break Records. PFC Brakes isn’t just a product, it’s a mentality.

Our passion is in our product. We strive to deliver innovative products to the market that outperform the competitors’ and all preceding products. At PFC Brakes we do not strive to meet industry standards, but to surpass them. We strive to continually drive the industry through improvement and innovation.

We have built the company with people who believe in, relate to, and adopt this philosophy. A philosophy that we believe our customers share. And we respect our customers, because they don’t just adopt our company philosophy, they live it. We are all too familiar with their character, their values, their objectives, because they are ones without compromise.

How PFC Brakes became the best brake manufacturer on the market…


Performance Friction Launches Pad Line

PFC takes on the name “Performance Friction” and launches revolutionary non-asbestos friction material under the CarbonMetallic© brand.


Wins First NASCAR Race with CarbonMetallic© Pads

PFC wins in Martinsville, VA to capture the 1st win for PFC pads and 1st win for Hendricks Motorsports in the Winston Cup driven by Geoff Bodine and Harry Hyde as crew chief.


Surpasses Off-Highway Testing

PFC was the first to develop an asbestos-free solution that stopped a 690,000 pound haul truck at 35mph. 


PFC Moves to Clover, SC

PFC moves to a larger manufacturing facility in Clover, SC.


Begins Developing Iron Brake Discs

Using unique dynamic symmetry properties, years of constant development in geometry, chemistry, and patented process and features were incorporated into new iron disc technologies.


Slot Pattern Design Officially Patented

PFC officially patents their notorious slot pattern that is still the face of PFC race discs today.


Releases First PFC Caliper

The official release of PFC’s very first caliper, after being developed over three years, is released at PRI.


Begins Developing ZeroDrag™ Brake Calipers

PFC begins developing their later patented ZeroDrag™ caliper technology still used as the forefront of caliper technology today.


Launches Air Disc Brake Pad Line

PFC launched its World-Renowned CarbonMetallic© brake pad friction formulas for the heavy-duty trucking market with air disc pads.


Introduces ZeroFailures™ Rotor

All new ZeroFailures™ technology is introduced to the aftermarket world with the isolated tone ring and no ABS failure with anti-corrosion properties.


Introduces Patented Pad Retraction Technology

PFC introduces pad-retraction calipers for true ZeroDrag™.


Wins Most Innovative Motorsport Product of the Year

Awarded the Most Innovative New Motorsport Product at the RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium for the ZR43 ZeroDrag™ caliper.


Introduces Anti-Corrosion Brake Pad Technology

The introduction of PFC’s all new anti-corrosion pads arrives in the market to prevent rust and corrosion on brake pads for aftermarket and fleets.


Becomes Official Brake Supplier to Porsche Motorsports

PFC becomes the 1st and only North American chassis supplier to Porsche AG.


RH605 Brake Fluid Officially Launches

PFC releases its new high performance RH605 Heavy Duty application brake fluid.


Becomes Official Brake Supplier to IndyCar

After being on each tier of the Road to Indy Series, PFC became the official brake supplier to IndyCar as well.


PFC Brakes wins the Louis Schwitzer Award

PFC Brakes was awarded the BorgWarner, Louis Schwitzer Award for its innovation and implementation of V3 Disc Technology in INDYCAR.


The Camping World SRX Series becomes PFC Equipped!

PFC Brakes has officially been selected as an official supplier to the Superstar Racing Experience (SRX).  Superstar Racing Experience was created by a team consisting of Sandy Montag and The Montag Group, George Pyne, NASCAR Hall of Fame crew chief and team owner Ray Evernham, and legendary driver Tony Stewart. The Montag Group leads business operations and Evernham oversees all racing operations. Pyne is a member of the Board and serves as an advisor.

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