Proper bedding procedure for your CarbonMetallic® street brake pads

Aftermarket brake pad bedding procedure

All PFC brake pads are pre-treated to be race and street ready. This treatment is done in the final step of the manufacturing process when the surface of the friction material is brought up to temperature in order to simulate a bedding cycle. However, proper bedding is still required using your discs with the new CarbonMetallic® & Z-rated brake pads.

The following process is suggested in order to achieve the best performance, consistency and durability of the pad.

STEP 1 Gradually get the PFC pads up to temperature. Do not spend a longer time on the brakes than usual because this can create thermal shock within the compound.

STEP 2 Perform several stops with progressively higher pedal pressure and braking force and from higher speeds. You will feel the effectiveness of the brakes increase with each successive brake application.

STEP 3 Continuing this procedure a few more times is the best way to accomplish the new transfer layer and, due to the higher surface temperatures, will assure the complete removal of the old friction materials from the disc.

STEP 4 The disc should be allowed to cool as much as is practicable, with ambient temperature being ideal. Disc life and performance will be increased if allowed to cool to ambient temperature.

STEP 5 The discs are now properly bedded to provide consistent performance. The pads should be brought back up to the operating temperature range to guarantee optimum braking power. This depends on the specific pad compound.

To bed in PFC racing brake pads, please click here.

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