Mehul Patel, Design Engineer

Mehul Patel, Design Engineer was born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana. I graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 2010 with my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He began his career designing electronic and custom products and then switched to medical device designs. In 2021 Mehul started working at PFC Brakes.  

Mehul lives in Charlotte, so he likes exploring the craft beer, coffee shops and good food in the different neighborhoods. He also enjoys going to the different brewery run clubs after work and doing something active running, hiking, boxing, or weightlifting. Following IndyCar racing is one of his passions so he pays attention to every practice/qualifying session of every race and keeps up with IndyCar news.

He enjoys the direct impact his work has on sport. Mehul said, “PFC has a small company feel but with industry-leading products. Products I design and help make directly translate to race wins for drivers and teams in multiple series. Additionally, being in control of my work and working closely with the manufacturing and sales teams motivates me. I also get to travel to some IndyCar races throughout the season. The access and exposure to the cars, teams and tracks is one of the favorite parts of my role.”

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