Frank Burchardt, Technical Sales Engineer (Germany)

Frank Burchardt, Technical Sales Engineer, was born in Germany in a town called Mayen and grew up in a small village next to it. After going through the various German school steps (compared with Elementary, Middle, and High school), he was a civilian in the German Airforce working two jobs as mechanical and electronic basics around radio units for the Military.

After that, he went to college and studied electronics. During that time, he got in contact with motorsport teams and companies, finished college and started a job at a motorsport company. At that job, he focused on brakes and the company later got a distribution of PFC parts. He got in contact with the European PFC office run by Peter Babbage. At that time, Frank worked with various brake manufacturers including PFC and learned about the high quality of the PFC products. After a few years of building up an already good business with PFC parts in the German market, Peter mentioned in a meeting that he was looking for a German employee to hire, who can give technical and service support to the customer and dealer network. So after more than 13 years, Frank left the company he was with and joined the PFC team at the beginning of 2011.

Since then, he has been running a home office in the position of a Technical Sales Engineer. His goal is to find new business, give technical track support and handle the dealer accounts. One of his highlights at PFC Brakes was being part of the success of the brand-new Ferrari winning this year 24h race Nürburgring.

Frank has been married 32 years to his wife, Michaela, they have a 19-year-old daughter, Alice and a dog. If he is not at the track or the office, he likes to build bicycles, ride bikes, and go climbing. He stopped riding motorcycles and started driving an old convertible Mercedes joking he is adapting to his older age.

His favorite thing about PFC Brakes is being a part of a team of fantastic people, saying, “My whole life I have been a fan of the United States and now being a part of a company, based in the USA feels great. We produce high-quality products, and it motivates me to be a small part of the system to keep that going. I have worked at PFC for 12 years and I’m not thinking about changing that. Running a home office means a lot of self-motivation, but also gives a lot of flexibility and that is what makes good life.”

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