STEP 1.  Applicants MUST complete the entry form

(The application will go live at 12pm EST on Dec 7th)


STEP 2. (NEW RULE): Applicants must share the pinned #SponsorMePFC19 post from the PFC Brakes Facebook page (below). When sharing, be sure to make the post public. #SponsorMePFC19 tags outside of the shared post WILL NOT be counted on Facebook.


STEP 3. Applicants MUST create and post unique content on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #SponsorMePFC19.  The more you create and post, the greater the chances of being selected.  All #SponsorMePFC19 tags WILL be counted


The Selection Process
An unbiased, odd numbered committee of PFC employees will evaluate all of the entries, starting with the most to least engaged applicant.  The committee will vote based on the quality and quantity of content, the character of the applicant as well as racing career and accomplishments.  *PFC Brakes reserves the right to disqualify entries that may be damaging to the PFC Brakes brand or reputation.
Questions?  Contact Adam Keiser at 803.222.8701 or akeiser@pfcbrakes.com

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