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5X Rolex 24HR Winners DP Ganassi Team use Full PFC Carbon Brake Package

5X Rolex 24HR Winners DP Ganassi Team use Full PFC Carbon Brake Package

January 24, 2014 – (Clover, SC) 5X Winners of the Rolex 24HR at Daytona DP Ganassi Race Team is using the PFC Brakes Full Carbon-Carbon Brake Package (calipers, pads, discs). Starting on January 25th, 2014, the 24HR Rolex Endurance Race is one of the largest events to kick-off the race year.

The PFC Patented Continuous Fiber Carbon-Carbon Disc is specially made by taking a continuous fibre that is wound into the disc shape. This allows for the maximum thermal conductivity while effectively using the disc as a radiator so that the heat is released from the system. This makes the disc extremely strong and higher structural integrity than discs made by other methods. This disc, combined with the PFC Brakes ZERODRAG™ calipers, provides unbeatable technology and braking power.

PFC Brakes’ CarbonMetallic® pads win more championships and are used by more professional racers than all other pads combined. The secret is in the molecular structure, the interaction of the physical matrix, and the unique process required to produce CarbonMetallic®. The PFC pad compound provides higher lap times, more car control, and faster transition times.

For a long endurance race such as the 24HR at Daytona, PFC Brakes technology exceeds all expectations. The Championship Winning DP Ganassi Race Team continues to choose PFC Brakes year after year—trusting the PFC package to give them the best braking performance possible from start to finish.





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