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Preston Pardus WINS SCCA National Runoffs at Indianapolis!

Preston Pardus WINS SCCA National Runoffs at Indianapolis!

Preston Pardus WINS SCCA National Runoffs at Indianapolis!

Preston Pardus Brakes His Way Into Victory Lane with PFC for SCCA Runoffs Title!

Driver of the No.42 Mazda Miata, Preston Pardus, took home the title of the 2017 SCCA National Chamionship Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With a total of 72 Mazda's taking the green, Pardus battled with a large field and multiple leader changes, only to brake his way to the front of the pack through the checkered flag.

"This is big – this is awesome," Pardus said after the race. "The historical significance of this track is major. It's paved the way for the past 100 years. To say I've actually got to race here is incredible. And to make it a Runoffs win is even more incredible."

Pardus made the move of the race and held his braking until the last moment to to gain the advantage on Turn 1 of the final lap--becoming the 2017 Spec Miata Runoffs Champ.

Pardus uses PFC's 0635.97 and 0636.97 CarbonMetallic® race pads.

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Spec Miata PFC Brakes CarbonMetallic® Pads
PFC’s 0635.97.13.44 front and 0636.97.13.44 rear pads have been a perennial favorite of the Spec Miata community since their development nearly 15 years ago. The 97 compound’s firm yet smooth initial bite, linear and predictable torque and unparalleled release allows for confident events.  The 97 compound front and rear create a complementary pairing for balance which allowing for strong, consistent and repeatable stops with the ability to modulate braking without over-slowing the car. 
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Watch Pardus Brake to Win the 2017 SCCA Miata Spec National Runoffs Championship Title!
2017 SCCA National Runoffs
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