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PFC Brakes is Back in the Police Business!

PFC Brakes is Back in the Police Business!

We Know You've Missed Us...

PFC Brakes is Back in the Police Business

The Best Brakes on the Market are Back for Your Police Pursuit Vehicles...

PFC Brakes has an all new line of Police Pursuit Vehicle brake parts coming to you soon! With new product, new production processes, and parts available when you need them... we ensure you'll want these brakes on all of your PPV's.

More Stopping Power.
Safer Stops.
Firmer Pedal.
More Miles, Less Labor.

We know we've been out of the Police Pursuit business, but we are back, and still have the absolute best product on the market. We are excited to bring you all the top products for your vehicles, to provide only the best for you, your fleet, and those you protect and serve.

We don't just meet OE standards... we exceed them.

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