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Bromante wins the Rattler 250 in first SLM Start with PFC!

Bromante wins the Rattler 250 in first SLM Start with PFC!

03.17.2019, 43rd Annual Rattler 250, South Alabama Speedway

For many, a marquee win like the Rattler 250 is only a dream.  However, on Sunday the Long Island young gun, Giovanni Bromante, in his Super Late Model debut, lived that dream.  To take the win, Bromante would have to fend off a hard charging Harrison Burton and two time Rattler winner Ty Majeski.      

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Bromante’s Super Late Model is equipped with PFC’s ZR94 calipers   V3 ZERO FAILURES™ DISC  I  CarbonMetallic® Brake Pads  I  RH665 Brake Fluid


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